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Hi, I'm Karin. A hobbyist artist, mostly self taught though taking a drawing course at the moment. :) I hope you enjoy my art!

AutumnCapricorn <- My mother. :)

Go visit my Traditional Art account, OrdinarilyArtistic :)


Valentine's Day - 2016 by Shadall
Valentine's Day - 2016
It was hard choosing between a "Buy all our heart shaped shit!" and "What does MY perfect Valentine's Day look like?" theme, but... This is it!
Watch me draw this here!
Vahrel by Shadall
Name: Vahrel ???
Age: ???
Occupation: Travelling trader
Species: Naga -albino python-
Good/Evil: Neutral

Travelling across the lands, trading his goods for food or money. Vahrel tries not to get involved with the problems of the world, and so far that goal has been well met. His visits to cities always short, he manages to leave well before any trouble starts. Sometimes just moments before hell breaks loose...
Besides a trader, he's a collector. Specifically of gems. He knows the location of every gem-ridden cave, and often returns to them. If you were to follow him, he would confront you, and then probably show you around... Giving you a fair warning to treat these places with a great deal of respect.

Although Vahrel doesn't want to get involved with almost anything, he will get involved if he sees someone in danger. It's the one thing he cannot ignore.

Vahrel is not a venomous snake, and not much of a fighter. When helping someone in danger, he'd rather help from a distance with his blowgun. Tipping the darts in a heavy tranquillizer, making sure the assaulter doesn't get hurt too much. When there is no distance, his first choice is to use a choke-hold. If that fails... He does always keep a sharp piece of quartz with him...

So... What's with the anti-involvement?
Vahrel: There's a strange sort of balance in humanity... I don't like disturbing it.
Vahrel: Many hate seeing someone in danger. On that front, I am no different.
Draw This Again - Vira by Shadall
Draw This Again - Vira
I still love the original to bits, but I really wanted to redraw it anyway. And I'm glad I did!
Improvements I see:
And overall, I like my current style a bit more. :)

Still lots of improvement ahead, but that's one of the things that makes drawing wonderful!
Original meme by Bampire as probably everyone knows~
True Form by Shadall
True Form
Drawing bug bit me, sort of learned how to draw dragons, wanted to draw Irvin Blackheart's true form. ...Just eh...
Why did you switch to humanoid in the first place?
Irvin: Humans are easier and more fun to mess with. Ever tried to break a dragon's mind? Sure it can be done, but it is such a long process.
Asilidae by Shadall
When was the last time I've posted a photograph...? 2014?!? Well then!
Here's a close-up of an asilidae from the robber fly family, also called an assassin fly. I took this in September last year, and only today I've cleaned out the memory card of my camera... Well, better late than never!
There are a few more great photo's on there, so I might post more. :)

So here's a journal to sort of apologize, I'm haven't been really active on DeviantArt.
I still check my messages, check out some art and make sure I'm up to date. But commenting, replying... Uploading...
I don't know, for some reason all that isn't easy for me at the moment. I still really like this site, the people and the art, and I definitely won't leave.

Right now I'm a lot more active on my redbubble account, and I'm trying to breathe some life back into my YouTube page. So... DA is currently more on the background.

So that's it!
See you guys around~
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  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Tea

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